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5 Pillars For How we Help Our Clients to Sell Out Their Events, Tours, and Experiences Using Our Innovative Social Media Framework

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Want to know the five core pillars we focus on at Social Season to continuously drive more ticket sales and calendar bookings for our clients using social media marketing? Read on.

1. Expert campaign strategy and perfectly-timed rollout tailored to each unique event

As the old adage goes, 'fail to plan or plan to fail', but make sure you’re ready to be flexible too

We love working in social media because it provides the opportunity to be agile and flexible with our campaigns, unlike other marketing avenues that require a set investment and no options to tweak once you know how it’s performing.

Still, we like to start with our expert-designed campaign strategy and implementation framework that is not only scalable depending on the campaign length and the number of platforms, but also leverages current ticket sale or booking trends, and is flexible enough to allow the team to switch it up as we go if needed.

Whether it's a short-term sprint-style campaign or a longer, more considered strategy, there are always going to be opportunities to review the data and insights and adapt throughout the campaign to maximise the results, so make sure you're pulling those levers.

2. Conversion-optimised creative asset consultation, selection, and production

Stop the scroll - Make sure you have creative ‘thumb-stopping’ assets ready to go that are native to the platform you’re utilising in your campaign

Whether the creative has been designed for organic or paid campaigns first, ticket buyers are savvy and prefer content that looks and feels native to the platform they’re using.

The more engaging and ‘thumb-stopping’ the content is, the more likely they are to pay attention and convert.

Right now we're seeing a combination of video performing incredibly well at the top of the funnel, with UGC (user-generated content) such as reviews and testimonials, or even content showing them attending your previous events, tours, or experiences working well in the middle, and direct marketing style call to actions at the bottom, but it's important to test it and seeing what works for you and your audience.

It's also important to keep a close eye on what's performing (and what isn't) throughout the campaigns and be ready to switch out creative to ensure the bookings continue to flow and the top of the funnel is being expanded and filled (aka we're reaching new potential customers and converting them all the time).

We provide our clients with expert advice on the assets needed to drive campaign results and, when those assets don’t exist for the right platform or placement, we create them because it makes all the difference.

3. Funnel-based strategy adapted for today's market on the platforms that matter

Think about where (and on which platforms) your target audience is in their buyer journey - some will buy straight away but others will need a little reminding or nurturing along the way 

Our campaigns take marketing psychology and strategy out of the textbooks and apply them to the digital space, which, let's face it, is where your target audience is spending their time.

In fact, reports show the typical global internet user spends up to 7 hours per day using the internet across all their devices. That's 40% of our typical waking hours.

But how do we capture their attention and convince them to get (mostly) offline to experience our events or tours?

First, it's crucial to understand where your audiences are spending their time.

Even though platforms like Facebook and Instagram still rule the roost in terms of active users, TikTok is catching up and often captures people's attention for longer no matter the age group (and yes, there are older people on TikTok too, and they're not just dancing).

Once you've established the platforms your campaigns need to focus on, make sure you’re driving awareness through the top of the funnel, nurture fence-sitters in the middle at the consideration stage, and retarget at the bottom to make sure you’re getting any last people over the line, driving as many bookings as possible with the budget and resources available. 

This is especially important in the current climate of changing booking patterns post-Covid. 

4. Flexibility, responsiveness, and readiness to jump on opportunities

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - social media campaigns excel when there’s room to be flexible, respond to the market, and adapt as you go  

You never know when high-quality creative assets or event updates are going to come into play that could make or break a campaign.

A combination of a structured and well-thought-out strategy together with a willingness to be responsive and flexible so you can make the most of last-minute opportunities are what set the most successful campaigns (and agencies) apart.

5. Don't forget about organic channels

We've seen it time and time again, and at a massive scale: The more consistent your organic presence, the better your paid campaigns will perform

One of the biggest factors in paid campaign performance is a strong organic presence. And it's more about quality and consistency than quantity.

Building a consistent online presence and engaging with your audience organically can make a massive difference in return on ad spend.

It's not to say campaigns can't be successful without it but we often see them get there faster and with less ad spend, plus you have the added bonus of the long-term return in building an engaged organic audience.

Hopefully, you're also remembering to capture their personal data such as emails and phone numbers along the way so you have a list you own and aren't at the total whim of the social platforms.

There you have it. Five elements of our secret sauce to successfully selling out your events, tours, or experiences through savvy social media marketing.

While there are other factors at play (ultimately you do need a good product or offer in the first place, for starters), these are some of the key pillars of our campaign strategy and how we work with our clients to help sell out their events, tours, and experiences.

Our tried and tested system refined over 5+ years

We’re showing our age here but our two directors have nearly 30 years of combined industry experience and it shows in our results

We’ve been running social media campaigns since we started Social Season 5 years ago, and even longer if you count our many years of experience working in the event and marketing industries in the lead-up to launching the agency. 

The digital space changes rapidly but because our campaigns are rooted in marketing and events expertise and experience, we know what elements to retain in our campaign systems, and because we have our finger on the pulse of what works online, no matter the platform, and we know how to adapt our approach as needed. 

Are you promoting an event, tour, or experience you need to confidently sell tickets for?

Want to get your time back and focus on what matters to you, knowing the campaigns are being handled?

Yes? Great! We're your gals. Book a call with us to get started.

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