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5 Brilliant Digital Marketing Email Newsletters You Need In Your Inbox

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If you’re a newbie to the digital marketing world or a pro, keeping in the know is a top priority! Unfortunately, as busy professionals, we have limited time to dedicate to scouring the internet for information and news - our inboxes, however, are a great place to get quick and easy updates from some of the most reputable marketers in the industry. 

To make things super simple, we’ve put together a list of 5 digital marketing related email newsletters worth subscribing to ASAP. 

Stacked Marketer 

Frequency: Daily

Digital marketer take the stress out of sourcing the latest trends and strategies markers need in an ever-growing competitive online market. Added bonus: they also provide a massive range of resources such as downloadable templates.

Sign up to Stacked Marketers newsletter here 


Frequency: Weekly 

Sometimes short and sweet is the best way to go, and that’s precisely what Buffer does! So if you’re looking for anything content marketing or social media related in an easy to digest way, this newsletter is for you. The social media scheduling tool has a whopping 75,000+ users, meaning they know their stuff!

Sign up to Buffers newsletter here

Social Media Today

Frequency: Daily

Known as one of the world’s largest social media resources, social media today bundles up a daily newsletter that provides tips, tricks, stats and tools.

Sign up to Social Media Today’s newsletter here

Exploding Topics

Frequency: Weekly

Exploding topics helps subscribers catch emerging trends before they become mainstream. Their technology searches the internet, social mentions, and more to see which topics are hot, plus some extra info on those topics and pops it into one weekly newsletter.

Sign up to Exploding Topics newsletter here


Frequency: Daily or Weekly (your choice!)

An excellent newsletter for marketers looking for information surrounding landing pages, Unbounce, known as one of the best landing page tools, provides subscribers with news, info, and stats. The best part? You can choose how often it hits your inbox, daily or weekly! How cool!

Sign up to Unbounce’s newsletter here

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