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Easy Tips For Creating Great Content While Working From Home

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In the post-pandemic world, working remotely is more common than ever. Social media marketers, small business owners and creatives have been forced out of the office and into their homes to work. This means the game has changed, and tweaks to content-creation strategies have been made to fit the WFH lifestyle. 

Here at Social Season, we’ve been there, done that… so, if you’re having hesitations and don’t know where to start to create high quality, captivating content, we got you! 

Follow these five tips and see just how easy it is to make your feed pop with great content made from the comfort of your own home.



To create amazing content, you need the right tools – now, this doesn’t refer to the latest and greatest camera or editing software. However, if you do have access to them, they are great.

What you do need is the right organisational tools! Being organised is the number one priority when it comes to the quality and relevancy of your content. Using a social media management tool, like a simple content calendar, to schedule, plan and keep track of upcoming content is a great tool to stay on top of everything.


Don’t underestimate the power of a smartphone! Like we said before, the latest and greatest camera is not needed to make beautiful content. A smartphone will do everything you need.

The best part? they are super easy to pull out and snap quick unexpected moments (candid shots are the best!) 

Smartphones also give you the options of editing on the go, and if you’re a pro at Adobe Creative suite, they offer a range of apps such as Lightroom and Illustrator. But, if you’re after something a little less technical, apps like VSCO and Colourtone are super easy, just choose a filter, and you’re set. 


Content doesn’t always have to be a still image, so why not get creative and try writing a blog post? Or giving a behind the scenes look at your workday with a video story?

The options are endless! To help get the creative juices flowing, think about your audiences’ pain points and how you can provide guidance or a solution with the content you produce.


While professional photoshoots are great, home shot images can be just as good (if not better!) 

Find a spot with direct natural lighting and get snapping! Consider areas throughout your home that would make a good backdrop. This could be in the garden, the bathroom, or even on a colourful bedspread. Using items from around the house is also a great way to spice up your photos; items like candles, plants and placemats are super handy to double as props.

Test out different angles and locations around the house and see what works best for you! 


Repurposing old content and putting an extra spin or twist on it is a great way to create something fresh for your feed. Adding graphics to existing photos, compiling old videos into a montage for a reel or even re-posting user-generated content are simple ways to take advantage of what you have and make it feel new.

Creating content remotely may seem like a huge challenge, but think of it as an opportunity to branch out and update your content strategy. Use these tips and tricks to get the most out of creating content from home!

We’d love to see what you produce! Show us what you create by tagging us on our socials: 

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Written by Jessica Barras

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