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Our Top 5 Go-To Experts For Levelling Up Your Facebook Ads Know How

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Whether you're a DIY-er for life when it comes to advertising your business or you're just taking care of things until you're in a position to outsource your digital ads to an expert team, if you're looking to level up your Facebook ads game here are our top picks of the best courses, communities and experts to follow in the biz.

Digital Distillery Pro

Digital Distillery is one of the best in the game for arming advertisers with tactical know-how and strategic solutions for Facebook advertising. It's suitable for advertisers at all levels of experience with its coaches and community sharing advice and strategies that are working in real world ad accounts. Formerly known as FATC (Facebook Ads That Convert) the focus is heavily on Facebook advertising in the training component, however there is good coverage of other areas such as Google ads, email marketing, content creation, website optimization and any other digital advertising activity you're keen to explore in your business through the Digital Distillery Pro membership community. Digital Distillery Pro is a monthly paid membership that gives you access to comprehensive training on all things Facebook advertising across eCommerce, Lead Generation and Coaching industries, but the real gold lies in the supportive and generous community of marketers you'll gain access to for advice.

Depesh Mandalia

Depesh Mandalia is a true Facebook ads expert who runs his own agency and is a Facebook advisor for the UK & Ireland. Through his wealth of knowledge Depesh offers a range of training options for business owners and Facebook advertisers looking to up their game and tap into tactics and strategies that are actually working in high-performing ad accounts right now. He has a highly engaged free Facebook community for advertisers who already have some familiarity and experience running Facebook ads, which contains a treasure trove of free, quality knowledge shared by Depesh and the wider community. On top of that, he offers a number of paid courses and training options if you want to go a little deeper and get into the nitty gritty of successful strategies.

Growth & Greatness eCommerce

If you're in the eCommerce space then this is the community for you. The guys at eCommerce Heavyweights have amassed a large following of eCom business owners and marketers through this FREE Facebook Group where they share top tips on all things eCommerce. We're talking more than just advertising here, this community is all about helping you to sculpt and grow a successful eCommerce business from the ground up. For those of you looking for even deeper support and to light a rocket under your eCom business, there's a paid accelerator program with excellent training and coaching.

Foxwell Digital

Co-founder of Foxwell Digital, Andrew Foxwell, is a world-class paid social advisor. His twitter feed is gold field of tips, tricks and insights into the world of paid social advertising. Foxwell Digital offer courses, a memership community and specialized consulting services to empower business owners, agency employees, and account managers to make informed decisions around their advertising efforts with confidence and clarity. To get a taste for some of the value and expertise you'll gain from tapping into the Foxwell Digital brainstrust they have a free Facebook Group to support and bring together professional ad buyers called Facebook & Instagram Pro Ad Buyers Industry Group.

Molly Pittman

Molly Pittman is the CEO of Smart Marketer and a Facebook advertising expert and teacher who has helped countless marketers and business owners advance their digital advertising skills. Molly offers multiple courses and training options, but if you're looking for the real meaty stuff then you want to head straight to her Train My Traffic Person (TMTP) course over at Smart Marketer. Here'll you'll learn EVERYTHING you need to know to achieve success through your online paid advertising, from planning and strategy development, to execution and optimization. TMTP is truly one of the best media buying courses you can go through.

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