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Tips For Boosting Your Instagram Engagement In 2022

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It's 2022, and social media is (as always) forever growing, expanding and updating. So, how do you keep up with these changes and ensure your audience is still engaging with you? We've researched and given you the best tips to boost your Instagram engagement in 2022!

Utilise Instagram Story Stickers 

Instagram Story Stickers are a great way to speak directly to your followers whilst encouraging them to engage with your profile. Not only are they super fun, but they also help you create a loyal following that feels connected to your brand.


Tip: Struggling to get answers on what your audience wants to see? Ask them using the question or poll sticker feature!


Include Call To Actions In Captions

Want your audience to answer a question but not use the sticker feature? Maybe you want them to comment below? Or check out your website? The simplest thing to do is… yep, that's right, ask the question! Adding a call to action in your Insta caption is a great way to get the action you want and engage your audience with your platform. 

Tip: Start simple and work your way up if you're struggling to think of something to ask. For example, "Which app do you use the most?" 


To Get Engagement, You Need To Engage! 

Like general business, Instagram relationships are a two-way street, meaning you need to give to receive. So, what does that look like? Maintaining your own account by responding to your comments, DM's, and story replies is one step! But making sure you're sending out the love first by following, commenting and liking on content and accounts you enjoy will let your followers know you're reachable and approachable – this will be a great stepping stone to creating a well engaged and loyal following.   


Create Informative Sharable Content 

Everyone is an expert in their field! Sharing informative sharable content is an excellent way to get all the engagement without directly asking your followers for it. Sharing content your audience will be interested in and potentially cannot source for free is a way to push the shareability of a post up.


Tip: using the carousel post feature is a great way to share lots of information across a post.


Learn To Love Instagram Reels

Last year, Instagram announced the platform would 'No longer be a photo-sharing app' and that the algorithm has started to preference and push videos. So sharing video content and utilising reels will put your account in the good books with Instagram!


Take Advantage Of The New Collab Feature 

Instagram has rolled out an excellent new feature that allows you to be a co-author of a collab post. In addition, it gives each collaborator the option to share the same post. Before, two separate posts would be required to highlight such a partnership. The feature allows each collaborator to have the same post in their feed, along with the same likes and comments meaning exposure to a new audience.

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