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What Is User-Generated Content and Why You Should Incorporate It Into Your Content Plan?

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You may have heard of User-generated content, also known as UGC, but what exactly is it?

Essentially, user-generated content is anything created by people, rather than the brand itself, that can be used as content on social feeds. To break it down, user-generated content isn’t a paid partnership between customer and business but rather a genuine recommendation or review being shared by a happy customer, employee or fan. This could be anything ranging from photos, blogs, testimonials, reels, or stories.

Why is it so important to take advantage of UGC? And why should you be placing it in your content plan?

In the world of social media and Digital Marketing, UGC is becoming more valuable than ever. It promotes authority, trust and legitimacy of a brand and their product/services as potential customers are more likely to trust their peers’ recommendations, over the brand's word, as its perceived more genuine.

UGC also includes benefits, such as being more cost-efficient than influencer marketing and has the potential to increase conversions and influence purchasing decisions. Exposure is also an added benefit as UGC can tap into the audience of the person who shared... for free!

So, how do you get customers to provide UGC?

Expecting UGC will come with no push is a no no! Although you may receive some unprovoked, usually your audience will need a nudge to get the ball rolling.

There are a few things you can do to get your audience to start generating content:


UGC isn’t a paid partnership, but incentivising your audience with something other than money is a great way to motivate them to create content. This could be something as simple as winning a free product or a shout out on your account; a win win for both you and your customer, as you gain exposure and cost-free content and they receive a prize.

Get your co-workers/employees involved!

Who knows your business the best? The people who work to build it up of course! Asking your co-works/employees for a review of a product, a testimonial of the company, a friendly message or a fun video to be sent in via their personal account is a great way to get UGC rolling. Not only will it let your audience get to know your team, it’s also a fun activity for everyone to jump in on!

Repost and respond

People love to be seen and heard, so ensuring you acknowledge when a customer has reached out to your brand and created UGC is a must. You can do this by simply liking the content, or responding to them to let them know they have been heard. This will also push them to potentially make more, as you’ve started building a relationship with them. Reposting is ESSENTIAL! What’s the point of asking for UGC and not using it? Make sure you repost UGC to get the full effect of the benefits.

Now you know what user generated content is, why it’s so important, how to obtain it and use it successfully, it’s time to get out there! We’d love to see how this article has helped you, feel free to contact us on our socials or tag us

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Written by Jessica Barras.

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