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The Complete 7 Step Framework to Increasing Bookings at Your Event Space or Wedding Venue

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With the cost of hosting a wedding or milestone event skyrocketing and customers being choosier than ever about their vendors, making sure your venue stands out online and generates a consistent stream of high quality, ready-to-book enquiries, is essential. 

Here’s our complete framework for the marketing mix that goes into making your event space or wedding venue not just the talk of the town online, and a bankable revenue channel offline: 

1. A Website or Landing Page That Works Harder Than a Wedding Planner Running on Caffeine 

Your website shouldn’t just exist; it should work as hard as you do. Make it a no-brainer for potential clients to find everything they need and ultimately convert, whether that’s via a function info pack download or a tour booking. 

This usually includes stunning galleries and videos, crystal-clear pricing, menus and add-ons, capacity, any curfew or licensing requirements, and an easy-peasy booking process. 

The content strategy, branding and copy will also go a long way to positioning your venue for the target customer you want, appealing to their innate personality and desires, so you don’t have to compete on price with your competitors. 

2. Visual content that stops scrollers in their tracks 

Forget mediocre snaps. Your venue needs the kind of stunning visuals that make people stop their endless scrolling. Think high-res shots that capture the venue’s essence and scream "this is the place to be!" 

Even better - incorporate high quality videos (but not too long, people are busy) and the best photos or videos taken by your existing customers or strategic stakeholders for extra trust. 

3. Rave Reviews and Testimonials: Your Secret Sales Force

Positive reviews are like gold dust. Sprinkle them everywhere—your website, your socials, your email signatures. Let the world know that people aren’t just attending or planning events at your venue; they’re having an incredible experience from beginning to end, and their guests are loving it too. 

4. Social media that sells 

Social media shouldn’t just be pretty. It should get people talking and ultimately lead to a conversion. Speak to your target customer’s needs and desires in a way that makes them feel seen and emotionally connected to your business and it’ll do the selling for you. 

Lacking engagement? Use all the platform features (e.g. stories, reels, live videos, engagement stickers) to help game the algorithm, actually use the platforms in the way they’re intended to be used - socially - and keep your venue at the forefront of your target customer’s mind. 

5. Paid advertising to amplify your offers and drive a steady stream of enquiries 

If you’ve got room to grow and plenty of bookings to fill, this is your ticket to a steady stream of ready-to-book enquiries. 

Drive people who are actively searching for a venue solution like yours to your website or landing pages or collect enquiries on the social media platforms themselves. 

If you have a seasonal offer this is a great way to get the word out there and close some quick business, which fuels cashflow in the short and long term. 

6. Blog about it and reap the SEO rewards 

This is a long-game strategy that pays off massively over time from an SEO perspective and can be used as a sales tool in the short term. 

Feature real weddings and events, behind-the-scenes tales, decor and styling trends and other tips. You can also address any common objections you hear from clients while on your venue tours and include the most relevant blog posts in your post tour emails to help seal the deal. 

Blogging can also help you rise in the search engine ranks over time so your target customers find you more easily and more quickly when they’re first starting their venue search. 

7. Quick Responses: Because Nobody Likes to Be Left on Read and Conversion Rates Plummet Without Them

The customer experience starts before they’ve actually committed to working with you so this is an opportunity to give them a preview of how easy and enjoyable it is to work with you and your team. 

There’s also a huge amount of data on conversion rates increasing the faster you respond. Think about it - if someone is reaching out to you, in that moment they are a hot prospect. But they’ve probably reached out to a few venues. 

Whether it’s an email, a DM, or a comment - respond, and fast. 

Sound time consuming and like you’re going to be chained to your computer or phone? Automated email and SMS follow-up sequences that send out things like package rates or tour booking calendars can do the heavy lifting of a job that has historically been manual, slow and time consuming, and can reduce any time wasted on tire kickers. 

That way you’re ensuring leads are responded to quickly with information that’s relevant and valuable to them and you can pick up the human-to-human conversation when you’re ready. 

In an era where attention is the hottest commodity, these tips are your ticket to making sure your venue isn’t just seen - it’s sought after. 

Need a helping hand so you can focus on running the venue itself?

Looking for a team to help you build and manage a system like this for your wedding venue or event space? We have packages and bespoke service options available. Let’s chat!

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