Case study

170 Russell

Music venue & ecommmerce ticket sales

Melbourne live music venue 170 Russell wanted to up their Facebook ads game to help drive tickets sales and subsequent foot traffic through their venue, and increase event bookings through improved relationships with tour promoters as a result of extra advertising support.


  • Drove a 709% increase in ticket sales sold via FB ads within first 12 months of working together 
  • Over $218k in ticketing revenue across 4500+ tickets sold that could be directly attributed to Facebook and Instagram ads alone

The Challenge

On average, 170 Russell hosts over 130 shows per year – spanning multiple genres and catering to distinct groups of live music fans.

We knew that on any given week we would be running media spend advertising a wide variety of shows that targeted different ticket buying audiences.

Our challenge was to develop a cohesive strategy that would allow us to effectively promote key events under the venue brand while speaking in an authentic and personal way to the unique fan groups for each event.

The Plan

Our first step was to conduct a thorough audit of the client’s existing Facebook ad account and advertising activities (which they had been self-managing prior to engaging Social Season) to identify key opportunities for growth & improvement.

The Solution

We developed a simple funnel strategy to drive awareness of upcoming events at the venue and drive ticket sales.

Understanding the value of re-engaging with previous ticket buyers as highly qualified target groups, we created segmented audiences based on purchaser behaviour and relevant interests. 

We incorporated ‘social proof’ campaigns strategically targeted at the venue’s active & high interest audiences, placing media spend behind news and content that encouraged user engagement to build up strong retargeting audiences.

The Results

In the 12 months since taking over Facebook advertising from the client we were able to drive a 709% increase in ticket sales sold via Facebook ads.

Over 20,000 unique web hits, 4500 + tickets sold and over $218K in ticketing revenue directly attributed to Facebook ads.

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