Case study

Brighton Receptions

Wedding & event venue - lead generation

We partnered with a local PR agency who enlisted Social Season to manage a Lead Generation Facebook advertising campaign for Brighton Receptions to drive bookings of weddings, milestone birthdays/anniversaries, corporate functions and other events in the versatile reception venue.


  • Drove 36 highly qualified leads in first 3 months 
  • 180 degree turnaround in public perception of venue 
  • 3 months to achieve desired results

The Challenge

Brighton Receptions was under new management and suffering from very poor PR due to the mis-management of several client bookings from the previous venue operators. The new venue team had stepped into a social media storm and wanted to recover, restore the venue’s reputation as a premier event space and drive a high volume of new bookings.

We only had 3 months in which to turn it all around. The new venue operators were preparing to renovate the venue after 1 year and we were fast approaching the peak period for event bookings. 

Previously the client had relied solely on traditional advertising methods in their local area and word of mouth to attract new bookings. Limited online marketing had been undertaken and as such we had to develop a complete strategy from scratch that would deliver a high volume of good quality leads, fast! 

The Plan

Our first step was to conduct a thorough audit of the the client’s existing Facebook page, ad account, website and previous advertising activities to ensure we had a in-depth understanding of the playing field. From there we then got to work identifying key opportunities for growth and devising a strategy that would achieve the client’s goals in the timeframe available to us.

The Solution

We knew that regaining trust in the community and repositioning the venue under its new management would be essential to driving new bookings in the short timeframe available to us. 

In collaboration with our PR agency partner and a comprehensive community management plan, dissatisfied former venue clients who were part of the venue’s online community were engaged with one-on-one to more personally address concerns and minimise disruptive comments on the venue’s social pages. 

We crafted an effective lead generation advertising funnel showcasing the venue to strategically targeted new audiences, whilst omitting existing audiences who had unfortunately been caught up in the negativity associated with the old venue management from being served our ads.

The Results

As this project was undertaken through partnership with another agency, we are bound by an NDA and therefore are not at liberty to disclose exact results and revenue from our advertising efforts. 

We were however able to generate 36 high quality leads in 3 months for the venue and managed to flip the negative public opinion towards the venue completely on its head. 

By all reports, both our PR agency partner and the client were thrilled with the results.

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