Case study


Music / DJ software as a service subscription (SAAS)

ZipDJ is a North American-based tech platform that makes high quality music tracks available to professional DJs and producers on a subscription basis.


  • Consistently generated several hundred new subscribers for the subscription platform each month with a 2-3x return on ad spend on front-end 1st month acquisition alone. 

The Challenge

ZipDJ was undergoing a major brand overhaul when they first came to us. The product was among the best in the market but they had big-brand competitors who took up a lot of the market share. The internal marketing team was very small and they required more support and direction to reach their targets. 

The Plan

After analysis of the business position and marketing strategy, it was clear the website and landing pages needed conversion optimisation and ad campaign testing was required to establish baseline metrics from which to optimise.  

The Solution

Once the website and landing pages were converting better and we’d established which ad campaign types, creative, copy, and hooks/offers would be most effective, we were able to continue optimising and scaling our campaigns to the point we were consistently bringing in hundreds of new subscribers to the platform each month. 

The Results

In the first year of working with ZipDJ we consistently drove hundreds of new subscribers to the platform each month with a 2-3x return on ad spend on acquisition alone - a huge achievement given the business model is subscription-based and the potential for high lifetime value and return is limitless depending on how long subscribers remained with the platform. 

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