Case study

Gigliola Boutique

Fashion ecommerce / retail

Gigliola Boutique is a fashion retail store with brick and mortar stores based in Melbourne (Diamond Creek). Gigliola's owner wanted to increase sales via their online store.


  • Increased online sales by 54% within first 3 months of working together.
  • Had to pause campaigns to allow client to improve distribution and supply chain channels to allow for keeping up with increased traffic and sales thanks to online marketing campaigns. 

The Challenge

Gigliola was already a successful fashion boutique but with Melbourne going in and out of lockdowns for two years, they wanted to sure up their online marketing and ecommerce channels to secure the business. 

The Plan

We took the client through our signature Road to Results Marketing Plan process in order to spot the quick win opportunities and also identify areas for quick and easy improvement that would make all the difference to their ad campaigns, which they were already running internally. 

The Solution

The Road to Results process allowed us to hit the ground running and as soon as we took over managing the ad campaigns, monthly ecommerce sales results doubled in the first month and increased again the following month. 

The Results

The client was thrilled with online sales results picking up so rapidly but didn’t have certain aspects of the supply chain at a level that it could keep up so we had to pause the campaigns. As far as problems go, it’s not a bad one to have! 

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