Case study

Charlie Middleton

Fashion eCommerce / retail

Charlie Middleton is a handcrafted leather goods and handbag store based in Bondi, Sydney. They wanted to increase sales via their online store, especially over key sale periods including Black Friday / Cyber Monday.


  • Built a messenger bot and ran a campaign to collect subscribers for upcoming sale (and future sales).
  • Drove a 9.5x return on ad spend on the brand’s Black Friday cyber Monday sale. 

The Challenge

Like with many retail clients we’ve worked with, Charlie Middleton wanted to sure up their business and support their brick and mortar store through increasing online store revenue. They also wanted to drive sales at a highly competitive time of year - Black Friday Cyber Monday. 

The Plan

We decided to build a messenger bot to promote the sale and generate sign ups, who we would then hit with reminder messages once the sale had started. 

The Solution

In the lead up to the messenger bot / sale campaign, we ran extensive testing to identify the winning products / offers, creative (images, copy, headlines, videos) that would be likely to perform come sale-time. Despite just being test campaigns with no guarantees, these campaigns also drove good results and provided profitable return on ad spend. 

The Results

The sale subscription promotion (via messenger bot) actually ended up generating pre-sale purchases and ended up covering its own costs, with the sale itself going on to achieve a 9.5x return on ad spend (ROAS). 

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