Case study

Aeon Giftware

gift and art ecommerce

This New Zealand-based giftware and art manufacturer wanted to rapidly grow their direct to consumer online sales to support pandemic-driven fluctuations in their wholesale revenue, which would also future-proof their 30 year old business.


  • 3x revenue from $20k to $60k+ per month in online store sales in first 90 days
  • 326% increase in weekly revenue in first 6 weeks 
  • Established and built email marketing database from scratch, which was generating 12% of all online revenue within 6 months at nearly zero additional cost

The Challenge

With Shopify being a primarily direct to consumer platform, by far the biggest challenge on this project was finding a solution that allowed their wholesale customers to login, view wholesale pricing, and purchase in a similar way to how they’d previously done so, while not restricting the direct to consumer side. The other challenge that presented itself after we started driving a high number of consumer sales was the need for new systems and website tweaks to help the client manage this new type of customer at scale. A good problem to have!

The Plan

In the wake of the pandemic’s impact on retail and wholesalers, Aeon needed to rapidly shift their focus to online direct-to-consumer sales. We set about building them a custom Shopify site catering to both consumers and wholesalers, built email marketing sequences to capture cart abandonments and increase conversion, and built an extensive Facebook and Instagram advertising funnel to drive rapid brand awareness and conversions in New Zealand, Australia, and further abroad. 

The Solution

We found a way to build the site to work for both of Aeon’s customer streams and we also implemented a full SEO migration to ensure the old wholesale website data was properly indexed on search engines. On the traffic and consumer sales front, we ran early testing to establish the best performing audiences, products, offers and creative to drive quick sales and build up a customer base as quickly as possible. We also implemented email sequences to increase conversion, reduce cart abandonment and incentivise reviews, which over time have also driven increased website conversion rate and have provided user generated content for further marketing.

The Results

We grew Aeon’s direct to consumer sales to 6 figures in first 3 months of campaigns on a brand new website with no existing consumer customer base, allowing the business to continue operating in one of the most difficult years on record, and setting them up for long term growth as the market continues to recover.

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