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This successful 10 year old Melbourne brick & mortar retailer had been trying to grow their online sales for years, but due to issues with their website and data tracking, they were never able to understand the return on their advertising investment.


  • 10x return on ad spend with 75% reduction in CPA 
  • Drove online sales to over 6 figures within first 3 months of working together

The Challenge

From the onset, the biggest challenge facing our team was wayward data tracking. The tracking issues the site was experiencing were highly unusual and difficult to diagnose, but it was essential that we find a solution to the problem so that our team (and the client) could be confident that we were working with accurate data and able to make informed decisions on the next best steps for the account.

The Plan

Following a hit to physical retail in 2020, Modern Times wanted to focus attention on scaling the eCommerce side of their business. The team had worked with another agency for several years and knew the power of digital advertising for the bottom line of their business, but long-term issues with tracking on their website and incomplete reporting meant that they had zero visibility over the performance of their advertising investment and were effectively flying blind when it came to making decisions on future advertising strategy or spend. 

Alongside developing a comprehensive, conversion driven advertising strategy for them, we first set about fixing their tracking issues to give them the valuable insight they needed into the performance of their ad campaigns and the subsequent impact on business revenue.

The Solution

We first called in our top web-dev talent to deep dive into the website and diagnose the source of the tracking issues. The custom-built website didn’t make this an easy task and while we were able to fix most of the onsite tracking problems, we wanted to be 100% sure the data we were working with was accurate. To ensure we had clear insights, we overhauled the ads reporting system, building a custom dashboard for the client that pulled and calculated accurate results and revenue from the client’s advertising account.

Next, we got to work developing and rolling out a strategic, conversion-driven digital advertising strategy for the business, with a focus on new customer acquisition and robust nurturing and retargeting through Facebook and Instagram ads.

The Results

We were able to provide crucial visibility over the results and revenue attributed to digital ad spend for this successful Melbourne brick and mortar retailer for the first time, enabling them to make informed decisions for their business and the next best steps for advertising.

Within our first 3 months working together, we were able to grow online sales for Modern Times to over six figures, resulting in excess of 10X ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

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