Case study

Strawberry Fields Festival

Music festival, ecom ticket sales

How we generated 33.92x return on ad spend in ticket sales for this festival, selling it out in record time and at record capacity.


  • Sold out event in record time and at record capacity with 33.92x return on ad spend
  • Total of 9500 tickets sold out, three months before the event took place and with budget to spare

The Challenge

We were challenged with the goal of selling out the event faster and at a higher capacity than in previous years, and being a once-yearly event there was a huge amount of risk riding on its success. The account had previously been managed by an agency who'd run campaigns via their internal accounts so we had to create a new account with no access to old campaigns, data, or positive currency between the ad account and the platform itself.

Additionally, the event's demographic naturally skews towards a younger audience of ticket buyers- with older audiences taking longer to purchase. Event organisers wanted sales evenly spread across age groups, ensuring long-term event-goers would be able to secure tickets, and ensuring event longevity for years to come.

The Plan

Strawberry Fields festival approached us six months out from their event saying they wanted to sell it out earlier than in previous years, and with a higher capacity of 9500 people.

The Solution

We knew that strategic targeting and a carefully crafted funnel would be crucial to achieving the client’s goals for a sell out at record pace.

We utilised multiple ‘social proof’ campaigns strategically targeted at the festival’s dedicated & loyal audience, placing media spend behind content that encouraged user engagement to build up strong retargeting audiences.

We understood the importance of connecting directly with fans of the artists featured on the festival line up and co-ordinated access to their pages and communities for greater impact.

We also branched outside of Facebook ads and incorporated Google Search & Youtube ads into the mix.

The Results

Sold out event in record time and at record capacity of 9500 tickets, a full 2.5 months in advance of the event date.

33.92 x Return on Ad Spend

Ad budget left over to drive awareness and loyalty through campaigns focusing on communicating the event’s “why” including their sustainability practices, community focus, and inclusive culture. 

Achieved an even balance of sales across ticket buyer demographics, ensuring long-term customers were included and the festival’s culture and longevity was upheld.

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