Case study

DRW Entertainment

Live Music Tour Promoter

DRW Entertainment is a live music tour promoter bringing international artists to Australia and New Zealand.


  • Consistently generated profitable return on ad spend across campaigns we’ve worked on. 
  • We’ve worked with DRW Entertainment on tours since before Social Season as it’s currently known now (aka back when we were freelancing) and continue to work with them to this day.

The Challenge

Over the years the social advertising platforms have changed how we are able to target fans of specific bands or artists and it has required ongoing refinement of our signature tour and event social media advertising strategy.

The Plan

We planned to utilise our signature tour and event social media advertising strategy, which has been developed and refined over more than a decade, and continues to be refined as platforms and markets change, for all tours.

The Solution

We continue to provide our team with the best training and up-to-date resources which enables them to provide our clients, such as DRW Entertainment, with high-performing campaigns no matter the market and regardless of year-to-year platform challenges.

The Results

All tours were highly successful with strong return on ad spends across the board. 

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