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Sparro Designs

Fashion eCommerce / Retail

Sparro Designs was a pre-pandemic high-end bag brand that existed to ease the #LifeInBag load with sleek, strong and seriously smart carry-alls for women who work, work-out and travel all in one day. We worked with Sparro on social campaigns from their very successful initial launch in 2017 right through to the end of 2021 on their closing down sale after Covid's impact on how people work (i.e. much more flexibly and often from home) changed the market demand for the product.


  • 2017 brand launch - including organic social strategy and management, online community management, ads strategy and management and general marketing consultation
  • 2018 1st birthday sale ad campaign - 4.8x return on ad spend
  • 2021 closing down sale ad campaign - all bags sold out

The Challenge

As a startup the brand had limited resources and needed to focus their investment in the most effective areas to ensure return on ad spend, which could then be reinvested in the brand’s growth. 

The Plan

We worked on three separate campaigns for Sparro across its lifetime so each campaign had a different purpose, goal and plan. Overarchingly Sparro wanted to sell their bags and grow their brand in a cost-effective way. 

The Solution

We were able to leverage high quality influencer and user generated content in our ads for instant brand recognition and clout to quickly grab consumer attention and drive market demand. High quality content that demonstrated the bag’s benefits (and how it solved the target market’s pain points’ was used in ad campaigns to further demonstrate value and drive sales. 

The Results

We saw high return on ad spends throughout all ad campaigns. The organic social communities also grew significantly in the launch campaigns we worked on, contributing to the brand’s longevity (until it regrettably shut down due to Covid’s impact on their business).

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