Case study

Northcote Theatre

Live Music and Performance Venue, Launch Campaign to Build Community and Ongoing Management Driving Ticket Sales

How we launched this event venue's social media accounts, built their social following and email database, and manage their campaigns on an ongoing basis so that, as of the time of writing (and only seven months after the first shows started), over 70% of all events announced at the venue are either sold out or selling fast.


  • At the time of writing (and only 7 months after the first shows started), over 70% of all events announced at the venue are either sold out or selling fast
  • Lifetime return on advertising spend (from tracked ad revenue alone) of 12.56x with the actual ROI and lifetime value being much higher
  • In just over one year, generated over 15k email subscribers, 4500 Instagram followers and 2700 Facebook followers
  • Reaching approx 50,000 accounts monthly on Instagram(95% of which aren't followers)

The Challenge

Challenges included:

  • Budget constraints with a high level of investment going into the new venue before the doors were due to open in July 2022, therefore we needed to create a strategy that would get the best results within the resources available.
  • There was no pre-existing audience available to leverage
  • The need to build trust and excitement among ticket buyers as the market continued to recover post 2020-2021

The Plan

Our work with this client has followed three distinct phases:

  1. Venue announcement and initial community building and engagement (Dec 2021 - Feb 2022)
  2. First shows announced and tickets on sale (Feb 2022-July 2022)
  3. First shows start and many more are announced on a weekly basis (July 2022 onwards)

Phase One was crucial as it required an initial brand-building focus to establish credibility and trust in the market, build an active and engaged following, and encourage event bookings.

In Phase Two, we shifted to integrating show announcements and ticket sales into our campaign strategy, and the focus shifted entirely to show announcements and driving ticket sales from Phase Three onwards.

The Solution

In Phase One, we developed a strategy that incorporated organic and paid social media activity with an Instagram first focus. We utilised as many of Instagram's native engagement tools as possible, and created a positive feedback loop between stakeholders and our growing audience through sharing posts and tagging strategically.

We also leveraged advertising campaigns to amplify the best performing content and drive email database sign ups, and in Phase Two we began advertising specific shows to highly relevant target markets and driving ticket sales, which further bolstered promoter and stakeholder confidence.

The Results

The positive feedback loop and high engagement we developed as part of the strategy directly led to event bookings at the venue and now, one year on from the first show being announced, over 70% of all shows announced at the venue are either sold out or selling fast, which is extraordinary in a climate where ticket sales across the board have been typically very late or slow. While it's impossible to quantify the true ROI of these campaigns in the short or long term, from an advertising perspective, after a year of advertising shows, the tracked return on ad spend is 12.56x, which is an incredible result.

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