Case study

Ivanhoe Grammar School

Scholarship Lead Generation & General Brand Awareness

One of Melbourne's best schools, Ivanhoe Grammar School approached us wanting to drive awareness of their scholarship program while also developing a systematic digital marketing plan to drive awareness of the school curriculum, facilities, and extra-curricular activities in general.


  • Detailed analysis and audit to develop strategic Road to Results marketing plans for the school's marketing and HR departments
  • Set up digital campaigns and lead generation systems to capture expression of interest in scholarships
  • Set up digital tracking and reporting systems to better understand how the website was performing in relation to key priorities

The Challenge

While there was already a lot of interest in school programs and scholarships, the marketing team desired a more granular view on where and how their digital budget was driving leads. Tracking wasn't set up properly and the reporting wasn't at a level the team desired in order to be able to make smarter decisions and plan for future campaigns or spot potential opportunities. Previously the team had relied on traditional styles of marketing such as billboards or radio ads but they wanted to explore the opportunities social media and digital, trackable campaigns would allow.

The Plan

There was already a lot going on marketing-wise for the school and with such a rich history and so many different focus points for future campaigns, it made sense to begin with understanding the lay of the land and setting out a specific, strategic plan for the school's digital and social media advertising campaigns. We also planned to set up tracking and a reporting dashboard that would provide a much higher level of insight than the team had been able to access before.

The Solution

We undertook a detailed analysis and audit to develop a strategic Road to Results plan for the marketing department and set up a useful tracking and reporting system that provides insight into the effectiveness of various digital marketing efforts.  

The Results

Thanks to the Road to Results process and accurate tracking and reporting, we have been able to run effective campaigns with tangible results for the marketing team. The team is able to better interpret the data and spot opportunities, as well as provide better reporting back to the school board on the effectiveness of their digital marketing budget.

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