Case study

Love Police

Live Music Tour Promoter

We worked on several Love Police tours in 2019 (before Covid). Ticket sales for all tours were very successful with our ad campaigns driving high return on ad spend across the board, with extra budget being reallocated to online ad campaigns throughout due to their success compared to other marketing avenues.


  • Sold out many tour dates with profitable return on ad spend
  • Extra budget allocated to ad campaigns throughout promotional period due to ticket sales success and attributable results to our campaigns 

The Challenge

Due to being allocated additional budget throughout each campaign (having proven results with initial budgets), we had to rework the campaign strategy and budget several times throughout the campaign, which arguably could have been even more effective had we had full budget available to us early on. 

The Plan

We planned to utilise our signature tour and event social media advertising strategy, which has been developed and refined over more than a decade, for all tours. 

The Solution

We used our signature tour and event advertising strategy for all tours, and adapted the budget and strategy as needed. 

The Results

All tours were highly successful with strong return on ad spends across the board. 

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